Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (1328/1910-16 March 1409 e/26 November 1988), Chairman of the Saudi royal family before. Is the fourth son of King Abdul Aziz’s sons male wife Princess Jawhara Bint Assistant bin jalawi Al Saud.
Born in Riyadh, he studied at the Princes ‘ school, where he learned reading, writing, history, politics and the Koran.
He fought with his father, King Abdul Aziz in «battle of Asir and was then aged twelve, and assisted his father in the siege of Jeddah.
In 1343 Ah of 1924 his father sent him to Jeddah and Medina could open, King Abdulaziz sample Prince of Medina area was 15 years of age.
In the year 1347 e fought in battle of sabilla,
In 1351 he fought in the battle of JAZAN, which led to the unification of Saudi Arabia
In 1934 Saudi-Yemeni war fought.
Nominated by King Faisal, Crown but apologize and suggested to nominate King Khaled for this post, before King Faisal.

He remained at Medina a long time, and during his tenure the responsibility the Principality has a lot of work, including:

The expansion of Masjid Al-Nabawi and work repairs such as add stairs put umbrellas.
The opening of government hospitals and pharmacies and clinics and public schools, and electricity introduced in Medina for the first time in 1353.
Water plant opening in 1358, and followed in 1359 by opening an ice factory, and in 1361 on factory water desalination plant for desalinating water from the Red Sea and make factory site in Yanbu.
Link Medina road, and was also the opening of the airport in Medina, the city is linked by all Saudi cities.
The opening of a large number of factories, including a factory maintenance and electricity.
In 1381, corresponding to the Islamic University was opened in 1961.
Has left the Emirate of madena year 1385 Ah, 1965 where he retired from work, and waiver of Crown to his brother Prince khaldbad that brother King Faisal called it displays post him being the sole candidate.
The period from the year 1395 until his death in 1409 of the Presidency of the Council of the Royal family.
He died on Friday 16 March 1409 h November 26, 1988 of a heart attack.

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