Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (1350/1931-), Prince John is the son of King Abdul Aziz’s sons. He held several government posts in Saudi Arabia. Claiming the free Princes movement which demanded the establishment of a parliamentary constitutional rule in the country, and the ruling family on governance, equality between men and women.

In 1958 founded with four of his brothers Princes liberal movement due to the tensions between King Saud and Prince Faisal, the movement advocated the establishment of a constitutional provision and parliamentary dimensions of the ruling family of statecraft. After the founding of the movement left Saudi Arabia to Egypt and host President Gamal Abdel Nasser, who was against the monarchy, and the King Saud withdrew diplomatic passport. He remained resident in Egypt until he was allowed to return during the reign of King Faisal in the non-interference in the Affairs of the State and governance.

On 16 November 2011 announced his resignation from the pledge of allegiance, and he announced to King Abdullah, his resignation comes three weeks after the appointment of his half-brother Prince Nayef as Crown Prince. After the death of Prince Nayef and the King Abdullah appointed Crown Prince Salman said that pledge was not invited to the meeting to consult on the appointment, said that Arabic monarchies must change to the constitutional monarchies of the kingdoms no longer keeps pace with the times, he predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union, Saudi

A number of positions and memberships in a number of associations and organizations:
President of the Arab Gulf program for United Nations development organizations (AGFUND).
The President of the Arab Council for childhood and development.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Arabic network for NGOs.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Arabic women’s Centre for training and research.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Arabic Open University.
Honorary President of the Saudi Association for education and rehabilitation.
Honorary President of the Saudi society of family and community medicine and head of the honorary members.
Honorary President of the Ameen rihani Institute in Washington.
Honorary President of ebsar charity for rehabilitation and disability service.
Honorary President of the WTO unit, Centre for discrimination.
Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to France.
Member of the Mentor Foundation Board of Trustees.
Founding member of the independent Commission on international humanitarian issues.
Member of the Association of the Pasteur Institute in Paris.
Member of the Arab Thought Forum.
UNESCO Special Envoy for water.
The Special Envoy of UNICEF.

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