Naif bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Naif bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Interior since 1975, and Deputy Prime Minister since October 27, 2011 until his death. He is the third son of sons of King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman males of his wife Princess Hessa bint Ahmed al-Sudairi. He assumed the post after the death of Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, and before that he served as second Deputy Prime Minister since March 27, 2009, Interior Minister since 1975. Subjected to harsh criticism from jurists tenure the Ministry of the Interior.

Born Prince Naif in Taif, and studied at the Princes ‘ school and receive education at school by Professor Katie of Mecca and then by Sheikh Abdullah khayyat.
Included in several positions held since the reign of his father King Abdel Aziz, on 17 may 1371 designated agent for Riyadh region. On 3 March 1372 e appointed Emir of Riyadh. He was appointed Deputy Minister of the Interior on the date 29 February 17, 1390, 1394 on 17 Ramadan a.h. appointed to the same post.
17 Safar 1395 Ah Decree appointed Minister of State for internal affairs. On 8 Shawwal 1395 h Royal Decree appointed him Interior Minister.
30 Safar 1430 AH/27 March 2009 King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz ordered the Royal appointed second Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister.
29 Muharram 1432 h, 27 April 2011 King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz ordered the Royal appointment as Crown Prince after the death of Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz
He died on Saturday 26/6/1433 h 16 January 2012 at age 78 years according to Reuters that he had died in the Swiss city of Geneva, where he was serving with a scheduled examination leave.
A medical source said in Geneva that the death was due to heart problems, and was subjected to this crisis in a period of his visit to Geneva.

The Royal Court has announced it will transfer from Geneva to Jeddah, and the dead will in prayer on Sunday 17 June 2012, after Morocco prayer in Masjid Al-Haram in Mecca, has been offering worshipers of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, who received condolences at his brother, Prince Nayef. He was buried in the cemetery of Justice in Mecca after performing the funeral prayer.
Many have sent political figures their condolences to King Abdullah, including us President Barack Obama and French President Francois hollande, and British Foreign Secretary William Hague, and King Abdullah II of Jordan and other Arabic countries leaders.

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